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Staitech is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high purity system components to the Pharmaceutical industry.

The company boasts a modern manufacturing facility where machining, fabrication, electropolishing and assembly is carried out. In addition to the products designed and manufactured by Staitech, the company also stocks and distributes selected products from a number of well known specialist manufacturers. See our video here.

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Products at a glance

Plain gaskets
Orifice plate gaskets
Screen gaskets
Perforated plate gaskets
Thermocouple gaskets
Ported gasket systems
Flange Gaskets and O-rings
Diaphragm guard gaskets
Orifice spools
Tube to threaded adptors
Threaded adaptors
Blank caps
Hose adaptors
Thick wall ferrules
Pipe adaptors
Tank weld flanges
Tees crosses
Instrument tees
Orifice spools
Diaphragm seal pressure gauges
Sample valves
Sample coolers
Heat exchangers
Pressure gauges
Diaphragm seal pressure gauges
Pressure transmitters
gauge and transmitter accessories
Sight glasses
Diaphragm valves
Ball valves
Butterfly valves
Check valves
Steam traps
Safety valves
Regulators and control valves
Steam separators
Steam filters
Flow meters
Plastic fittings
Steam testing