Machining services

Grey Machining services

Whether a one-off or large batch, Staitech offer a machining service for parts in stainless steel and corrosive resistant materials such as C22 alloy. Serving the pharmaceutical market exclusively, Staitech are well versed with the demands of the industry to include surface finish requirements, cleanliness and material traceability. In addition to machining parts, we offer a full fabrication service. All fabrications are fully certified and can be finished to any of the ASME BPE specified standards. For more information, please consult Staitech.

Blue Fabrication services

Staitech offer a full design and fabrication service for any bespoke fabrication requirement. Pre-approval drawings can be provided for any fabricated component or assembly. All welding is fully certified to ASME BPE standards with surface finishes available for fabricated items to either SF1 or SF4 requirements. Staitech can also design and prepare engineering drawings for any concept proposal submitted to their sales team.