Process flow control

Blue HSV20

  • Designed for sampling water and process fluids
  • Available with insertion sample tube
  • 6% Luer or 6.5mm hose barb sample outlet fitting

Blue HSV30

  • Angled design
  • Clamp connections 1/2″ – 2″
  • Electropolished finish as standard

Blue HSV40

  • Utilises a membrane seal
  • 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes
  • Various opening options

Blue HSV50

  • Large flow area
  • 1″ – 2″ sizes
  • Utilises a membrane seal

Blue HSV60

  • Designed for steam sampling applications
  • Perlast seals ensure optimum service life and bubble tight shut-off
  • Various connections sizes available

Blue HSV90

  • Suitable for autoclaving
  • Offered with clamp or barb outlet connections
  • Eccentric option available

Blue HCV01

  • Designed to fit between BPE clamp ferrules
  • Metal-metal or soft seat options
  • Enhanced surface finish version (HCV01B)

Blue HCV02

  • Soft seated valve for water and gas applications
  • Wetted surfaces finished to 0.5 microns Ra
  • Horizontal and vertical models available

Blue HCV03

  • Inserts between BPE clamp ferrules
  • All PTFE construction
  • Replaces standard clamp gasket

Blue HCV04

  • Ideally suited to steam, condensate and process fluid applications
  • Metal-metal or soft seat options
  • Standard and high capacity units available

Blue HCV05

  • Compact one-piece design
  • Metal-metal or soft seat options
  • Wetted surfaces finished to 0.5 microns Ra